• Minimize data entry
  • Automated processes
  • centralize information
  • Contact multiple people at once
  • Customizable

  • Create and re-use forms
  • Flexible reporting
  • Adjust rapidly for free
  • Scalable
  • Easy to use

  • Easy analysis of information
  • Track responses automatically
  • API integration
  • ROI at a glance
  • Our Story

    The idea for Tacklebox came out of our endless pursuit at PiscesRPM to help improve the way our clients do work. Since 2016 the government of Canada has invested more than ten billion dollars in scientific research. Right now a meaningful percentage of this research funding is spent on reporting and administration, activities which do not contribute to the advancement of science. As a provider of research project management, we saw ourselves in a unique position to launch a reporting tool that simplifies reporting for our clients saving them time, money and resources. Development on Tacklebox began in the spring of 2020 and since then our team has been working hard to create a high quality, reliable tool that will revolutionize the way our clients do reporting. fish

    Are you a researcher who loves doing research but struggles to find the time for administrative tasks and reporting?

    Do you want your research program to grow, but having multiple simultaneous grants just plunges everything into chaos?


    Does your funding require annual, interim & final reports on your research activities, but gathering the information required for these reports often feels like herding cats?

    Tacklebox can help


    Our team at Pisces RPM has developed an online tool that helps you with all your reporting needs efficiently and effectively.


    "Tacklebox is a great tool for collecting information in a streamlined manner. It helped declutter my inbox while also centralizing everything. I didn’t have to worry about flagging emails or searching through my inbox, as everything was stored within Tacklebox. Using Tacklebox also helped me to receive more meaningful and fulsome project updates from the different work package leads. Prior to using Tacklebox, I was constantly chasing after people and not getting the information I needed to properly update the project status for reporting. "
    Melissa Weber,
    Tacklebox user


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